The Art of Awakened and Embodied Chakra's

The Art of Awakened and Embodied Chakra's By Gloria Gypsy 
I was invited by Julia Weaver to co-create an experience of self-inquiry and heART. I experienced a unique opportunity to infuse our embodiment of the 9 Chakras with the luminous energy of the Mandala process.

I emerged myself in this intimate opportunity to awaken, resource and resonate with my (our) relationship with the Light in the core of our cells, the Light of the Universe and the Light of Truth.: We ARE made of stardust!

The Art of Awakened and Embodied Chakra's By Gloria Gypsy

Julia has an amazing gift of insight, art, and awareness. She creates a safe and mystical environment of transformation, allowing each participant to discover hidden truths about oneself through the beauty and magic of mandalas. 

My first Mandala literally changed my whole way of thinking, seeing and experiencing life. Since drawing my first Mandala I have noticed a huge shift in my emotional state, a DEEPER connection to my soul voice, and a calm in my conscious mind. Mandalas are NOT created through intellect or a specific skill set, but rather through intuition, heart, soul and they emerge from Spirit.

The Art of Awakened and Embodied Chakra's By Gloria Gypsy
The creative process of the mandala(s) completely transformed my life. The mandala allows truth to bind to integrity and an honest approach to change.

Having seen how the truth of matters comes to light through the creation and contemplation of the mandala. Each mandala I created was unique and beautiful. The creative process allows your own creativity to flow through. A fear I held around creativity was also healed.

The Art of Awakened and Embodied Chakra's By Gloria Gypsy
I have come to know the mandala as a great healing process and a bringer of truth. 



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Pessimistic feelings, sustenances that are not beneficial, stress, being encompassed by contrary individuals - every one of these things can begin to influence the nature of the vibration of your vitality.

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