Chakra Painting

Engaging your Creativity and Spiritual Self

Using meditation, paint, and music dedicated to each Chakra we will explore, understand, and bring to balance each of our individual Chakras and create our own authentic and colorful mini Chakra Canvas.

We will use the main Chakra colors: Red for the root, orange for the sacral womb, yellow for the solar plexus, green for our heart, blue for the throat, indigo for the third eye and violet for the crown. Through meditation and exploration we will bring out our personal symbolism for each chakra center and canvas.

In this workshop we will:

  • Align and activate our Chakra centers
  • Delve deep into each of the Chakra centers 
  • Bring to light our personal insights
  • Create a very personalized interpretation of our chakra centers and externalize these interpretations onto our canvas as healing art.

No experience is necessary, just a willingness to open to the creative energies and paint!

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