Creative Circles

Intuitive or Process Painting allows individuals to embark on an inner journey to uncover images of their themselves through painting. Intuitive Painting is a tool for beginners as well as advanced painters. 

Play is highly encouraged!

The goal is not to make paintings for exhibition or to learn specific techniques but, rather to allow yourself the space to connect with color, paint and the processes of your inner creative self.
Click below for more information about each workshop.

Click Here ↠ Chakra Painting

 Engaging your Creativity and Spiritual Self 

Click Here ↠ Paint It Out!

Are you looking for a way to know your heart? 
To know yourself in a new way? 

Click Here ↠ Red Paint

An Intuitive  Women's Painting Circle 
A Red Tent Experience for Creatives.

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Isabelle said...

Dear Gloria,
Is it possible to follow you by receiving an e-mail when your classes are offered?
Thank you so much!

Gloria Gypsy said...

Isabelle, you can sign up for my newsletter (tab at the top of the page) to keep updated on course openings <3

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