Sacred Space

My studio is my temple.

When I create I am collaborating with creation itself. I am uniting with Goddess. I carefully and silently prepare my materials while holding space in healing intention. I then take a few minutes before I begin a painting to sit quietly and just breathe. This allows me to go into the work with humility, which is to say a place of acknowledging that I am serving a divine intention, not dictated by my own will.

Prayer painting is an intuitive process. I like to use my fingers and let the energy of the paint merge with the energy of my intentions and of myself. I feel a deeper connection this way. If I am using a brush I look at it as an extension of my hand, of my fingers... and I let the energies flow through the paint. The painting/prayer then begins to reveal itself on the canvas as I work.

"Creating art as an act of prayer is an embodied, active prayer. It recognizes that every thought and action that we undertake, if is done with a spiritual awareness, will have a spiritual effect. In this light creating art is the channel through which an artist's prayers are manifested. Art is not prayer because of a particular imagery or symbolism that is used. Art is a conscious connection to the Creator" -Erika Hastings

I perform a prayer painting ritual each month. The

se healing rituals include the use of sacred healing energy that is sent out globally to those in need. This monthly healing ritual is also sent to our mother Gaia to counter act all the abuses she currently suffers.

If you are interested in receiving your own personal prayer painting, please Contact Me Here for more information. Each prayer painting will be customized to your personal healing need.



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